18 Top Uses Of Custom Lanyards

You can find custom lanyards everywhere – schools, corporations, sporting events, family events and even in weddings. They are fun, hip, and they come in different colors and style. These lanyards are used in many events and institutions, such as:

1. Schools

Custom lanyards are commonly used as a school ID holder. These contain the school’s name and logo and they instill a strong sense of school pride among the students. These lanyards often use bulldog clip, trigger hook, split ring and thin plastics as attachments.

2. Field Trips

It is often hard for teachers and advisers to identify their students while on a field trip. This is the reason why field trip organizers give specialized lanyards and IDs to the attendees.

3. Marketing And Promotion

Badge HoldersCustom lanyards are cheap and useful so they are often used by pharmaceutical companies, tech companies, restaurants, and even law firms to promote their products and services. Marketing lanyards usually contain the logo and the company name and they are typically given during marketing events, trade fairs and marketing tours. Lanyards are also given to customers as rewards or freebies.

4. Airlines

Long flights are usually tiring and boring, but thankfully, most airlines conduct fun games to entertain their passengers. Most airlines give away stuff such as caps and T-shirts as prizes. There are also those that give away colorful lanyards that can hold just about anything – flash drives, IDs and water bottles.

5. Companies

Companies usually give away special lanyards to their employees to keep their serialized IDs safe and secure. These lanyards are typically sturdy enough to hold keys.

6. Sporting Events

Sporting events are fun and they are great ways to socialize and meet new friends. Different sports teams usually give away customized lanyards to their supporters and die hard fans to express their gratitude and appreciation.

7. Youth Camp

LanyardYouth camp provides an opportunity for teens and children to learn and meet new friends. These youth camps help enhance the social and life skills of their attendees. However, those who join these camps are sometimes susceptible to accidents. Some attendees get lost. This is the reason why youth camp organizers distribute special ID cards and lanyards to their attendees.

8. Film

Many production companies shoot their films in crowded places. This is the reason why a lot of film companies ask their staff and crew to wear IDs and lanyards so that it’s easy to identify them while they’re in a middle of a huge crowd.

9. Fundraising Events

Fundraising is not an easy task because it involves asking people to donate a fraction of their money for a cause or charitable program. This is the reason why fundraisers give away customized lanyards and silicone wristbands to their donors and sponsors as a token of appreciation and gratitude.

10. Factory

Factory workers usually use colorful lanyards to hold their identification and entry cards to the factory. These workers need to wear their lanyards and IDs while in the facility for everyone’s safety.

11. Government

Government workers usually attach their ID cards to customized lanyards. These lanyards are usually custom-made and exclusively distributed to the employees of the government agencies where they work for. These lanyards typically have a professional look and they contain the government agency’s name and logo.

12. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbing is exciting, but it is dangerous. This is the reason why mountain climbers wear decelerator lanyard. This wonder lanyard has saved the lives of many mountain climbers and utility workers.

13. Farms

Farming is fun, but it is not easy. You’ll have to stay in the field whole day, so it is important to bring a bottle of water with you to prevent dehydration. This is the reason why a lot of farmers use heavy duty and durable lanyards to hold their water bottles.

14. Tour And Cruises

ID HoldersMany tour and cruise companies use custom lanyards to identify their guests and tour participants. These lanyards also serve as souvenirs.

15. Political Rallies

Many politicians give away caps, jackets and T-shirts during their political rallies, but these items are expensive. So, a lot of politicians have now opted for cheaper, but useful items such as silicone wristbands or lanyards.

16. Conventions

Many convention and conference organizers give away specialized lanyards to their participants, exhibitors and staff. These lanyards often come in different colors. These also act as souvenirs that participants can keep after the conference.

17. Summer Parties

Many summer party organizers give away customized lanyards to their participants. These serve as ID card holders, event pass holder, and party souvenir.

18. Weddings

This may sound weird, but a lot of wedding planners actually give away lanyards to the guests especially if there are more than 500. This is to avoid wedding crashers and unauthorized personnel from entering the reception area.

We manufacture custom lanyards that can cater to your every need. So, if you need lanyards for your business, marketing campaign, event, or even a wedding, contact us right away.

Lanyards are generally used to hold your ID cards in a professional way. Custom lanyards for name badges and trade shows with no minimum orders.

Use Custom Patches to Promote Your Business

Not all businesses can afford costly marketing tools to promote their products. In order for your company to survive in this competitive market, you need to come up with great promotional ideas that will not cost you that much but are still very effective. You can opt for wholesale patches, particularly the customized one to meet your business marketing needs. These custom patches can play a very vital role on your company’s success.

Using these patches is one of the trendiest ways to market your products and increase your visibility. Picture this out, you are celebrating an important event at your office and your staff have custom patches pinned to their uniforms. Your guests and other important personalities invited to the said event would know that you are celebrating a particular event through your employee’s patches.

Inexpensive and Easy to Get

You can order customized patches online. There are lots of online shops that offer discounts for bulk orders. You may choose the shop that offers the best price for high quality patches. Before ordering, you need to check first on the services that the store can provide. Some stores may offer discounts, freebies and others. Some may have limited services.


Innovative and Versatile

In this era of advertising, your promotional tools should be something innovative and versatile in order for you to be one step ahead of your competitors. Unlike before ustomized patches are just limited to military people and astronauts, but today they are used in promoting and imparting recognition to the logos and identity of different organizations and companies. These patches are very versatile that you can use them in any type of occasion and event.

You can add a personal touch to the design to make the message or logo more noticeable, particularly if you have lots of competitors. You can make your design more attractive to your target audience by adding a unique symbol.

You can also use these patches to your company’s giveaway items like bags, caps, t-shirts, and jackets. You can give these items to your loyal clients and even as welcome gifts to the new ones. Your clients will surely appreciate your gesture. By doing this, you will make your customers feel important and appreciated and you will be able to promote your brand name by giving them items that strategically display your company’s logo.


Using custom patches is very effective in promoting your business not just to your clients but to interested investors or retailers as well. Because of your unique way of promoting your brand, investors or retailers will get more interested on what your company has to offer. More people will invest in your company since they will be assured of your potential for growth.

So, if you are still not using these custom patches as your promotional tool, maybe it is time for you to make that big move now, or else you will be left behind. These patches are the trendiest promotional tool today. You can get them manufactured from online stores at affordable price. You can either use them as a giveaway during trade fairs and company events or distribute it to your employees as part of their daily uniform.

Custom patches are your perfect choice in making your business known to a wider audience. Take advantage of this effective and innovative promotional tool – you know that your competitors already do. Make your firm a bit more competitive through such simple, inexpensive means.

By using www.patches4less.com , you get to accomplish these essential requirements in promoting your business – inexpensive and easy to get, innovative and versatile, and effective.

Hiring the Right Long Island SEO Company

Knowledge in search engine optimization is not enough. Time would come that you may require a Long Island SEO company in boosting the traffic of your website. Even if you are doing your best in improving your rank in search engines with the knowledge you have, you would still end up asking why your business site is not doing well. Search engine optimization requires time and effort to maintain a good rank in page results. If you do not have the extra time to maintain your site in a regular basis, you are better off hiring an SEO company to do the work for you.

Here are pointers to help you choose the right SEO company :

Site Analysis

A professional Long Island SEO company evaluates your site before making conclusions. This analysis should include site ranking and design. Based from the analysis, the company proposes the work needed for your site, the estimated cost, and the ranking. In addition, the company should be able to perform an extensive analysis of the keywords you want. Alternatively, they should know the keywords that are appropriate for your site. They should also explain to you how they have formulated their analysis and recommendations.


seoEach site is different despite the similarities in niche topic. Thus, the company should provide you a package deal with a cost that is not too expensive or too cheap. Fixed price is okay but they should explain to you why. You should also know the basis for each costing they present. Just remember that the results for optimization may sometimes vary and they should explain that, too.


In addition to the cost, the Long Island SEO firm of your choice should give you a timeline of results. When is the probable time that you could see the results in your ranking? SEO takes time to see a good and lasting result that would benefit your site. It may take months or even a year. Moreover, SEO is a continuous process. Thus, they should not give you a time limit, either.

SEO Techniques

The company should be able to explain to you the techniques that they are going to use. If their technique includes spamming and dishonest manipulating some areas in your site, stay away from such company. These techniques are a sure way of being blacklisted in the biggest or even the smallest search engines in the Internet

Targeted Traffic

There is a big difference between a plain traffic and targeted traffic. A plain traffic refers to the users that visits your site due to curiosity and for reading purposes. On the other hand, targeted traffic is the traffic that increases not just your page views but most importantly, your sales. The Long Island SEO Company of your choice should be able to deliver you this targeted traffic. To achieve this, the company should create relevant content to attract relevant and targeted traffic.

This should be based in the relevant keywords you want or that they have suggested.


The company should provide progress report so you could evaluate your ROI (return on investment) in relation to the cost. This could be a monthly or quarterly report. Moreover, the reports should include the before and after effects of the optimization done with your site.

Guaranteed Performance

Though there are so many factors that affect a site ranking, the company should at least give you a percentage of increase in traffic and leads.

When looking for a Long Island SEO Company, consider these major factors before spending your money. SEO is also a marketing strategy and a vital one to create visibility for your business brand. It may be time consuming, costly but when it is done right, ROI is greater in the long term.

Getting to Know the Portable Storage Container

Have you ever heard of a portable storage container? Did you know that you can convert the said container into something other than a storage room? Yes, with a bit of creativity and imagination, you will surely find out other valuable uses of the container. Imagine that container turning into a fabulous office, hobby shop, flower shop, or even s mini-refreshment stand. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

In order to truly appreciate something, you need to know a bit about it first. It is about time to get to know the portable storage better.

The Container and its Sizes 

The metal storage containers come in different sizes. You can choose the size you need according to your purpose. You can choose a small size or a large one. If you need the container to store your things and a small one is enough to accommodate all the things you need to store without damaging your goods, then get the small one.

However, if you plan to convert your storage container into an extra room, then it is best to get a big one provided that you have a budget for it. You can also choose to rent or buy the container outright. Renting is cheaper than buying the container, but you can only make some alterations on your container if you already own it.

Storage Container Material, Flooring, and Other Juicy Facts 

storage-containerThe portable storage container has reinforced base and its body is made from corrugated steel. The typical metal container has two swing doors and marine wood plank flooring. It has special walls that practically absorb the heat and so expect to feel comfortable when you are inside. There are owners of metal containers who convert theirs into an extra room and then add an air conditioning unit.

The containers can withstand any weather and they are water tight. There are providers who also offer containers with high-security lock box.

Although most of the storage containers being offered are retired containers used in shipping, they are still in tough shape. They were completely refurbished to serve other purpose. The container providers make sure that they are water proof and in great shape when delivered in your place. The containers commonly have vents on either side to enable cross ventilation.

It is your responsibility to know the requirements and rules of your locality regarding the metal storage containers. Secure a permit if you must. Different areas may have different requirements.

Choosing the Storage Container Provider 

Different portable storage container providers may offer different things. It usually takes three to four working days to deliver your unit after the provider has received your confirmation.

There are charges you need to pay upfront prior to the delivery and you also need to pay the first monthly rent for the unit if you chose to rent the storage container. If you have purchased the unit, then you might only need to pay the other fees that the provider will ask from you prior to delivery.

The providers usually only agree to move empty containers to the spot that you want to put them. Container providers don’t allow alterations of their unit. If you want to make modifications, then you need to buy the unit first before altering it.

When your contract has expired, you can renew or extend it further, buy the unit, or contact the provider to pick up their empty container off your property and back to their yard.

The portable storage container is durable and you can turn it into something that will be able to help you a lot in many ways. You will surely be glad that you own one and it can help you even more in the near future.

Why we Need a Nassau County Property Searches?

Are you buying a property in the county of Nassau? In that case, you need to conduct a Nassau county property search first. What if you do not know anyone who can help you make these searches? Can someone do it themselves? Of course, the answer is yes. There are databases available online where you can finally find land records in a certain location. What if you do not know the location of the property? How can you do the Nassau county property search especially if they lack the necessary experience to conduct these searches? What are they to do then? One option is to hire someone to do these searches for them.

However, it is important to hire someone who is qualified to be a property searcher. How can someone become a property searcher? According to some experts, there are steps to take in order to be a certified property searcher. First, you need to find a land title industry in your location. This is commonly called the land title association. Second, after finding the land title association in your state, you need to learn and read all their requirements on how you can become a property searcher. If the association indicates that they are giving training and education, contact them right away.

real estateThird, find companies near your area that offer training for their employees. However, if you cannot find such company in your area, you can just contact the company and ask if they are giving trainings to employees and ask if there is a job opening in their company. Lastly, take a course in colleges or universities. Find out if your local colleges or universities offer courses such as principles or real estate law and real estate in general. If there is one available, take the course right away. You cannot be a property searcher unless you know some of the terms and laws regarding real estate properties.

Now that you’ve known the steps taken by a person to be a property searcher, it is about time to find someone qualified to do the Nassau county property search for you. However, not everyone who says that they have undergone the process to become a certified property searcher can be good for you. Remember, that each person has different personality. Be sure that the person you’re hiring can be trusted, someone that you know or recommended by someone you know.

If you’re still in doubt about the searches made, you can ask your property searcher some basic questions. Here are some questions you may want to ask. Where did the information come from? If they cannot answer you where the information comes from, you can also ask how long or how old the information was since its last survey. This is important for you to determine if there are any pending cases regarding the property and be updated.

If they answered your question regarding the source of information, make sure to get details. For example, get the phone number or address of the person they have talked to and never lose that information. Who knows you may need that information later on.

In conclusion, make sure that your Nassau county property search is done thoroughly and complete. No homeowner wants to encounter problems in the future. What if it is too late before they found out that the information given to them before were incomplete. Before this happens, make sure that everything is done smoothly and completely. This will ensure a smooth and accurate search, which will be helpful in finding the right real estate property for you.

How To Be An Excellent Keynote Speaker

Boring and irrelevant keynote speakers may not be invited back. It feels terrible to be that kind of speaker. The ultimate key to be the kind of speaker that everybody will love is to have the ability to resonate with the audience and deliver the exact message they need.

Here are some tips that can help you become an enjoyable and memorable keynote speaker:

1.Get to know your audience. The success of a speaker’s speech is usually based on how closely relevant it was with the event. You can do that by learning as much as you can about the people who are going to the event. It is a very important step that is often overlooked.

The best way to know your audience is to speak to them ahead of time. It is important to converse with more than one person. Don’t talk with your contact only. This way, you will gain a wider perspective from several people and gain knowledge about what they expect to learn from the event. You may also learn more about the audience during the event (before you deliver your speech) by engaging in a conversation with some of them, listening to them more than talking.

2.Excellent keynote speakers find a way to learn more about the company and the event. Find out how these kinds of events are managed. Do you need to distribute handouts? Do you have to show a presentation? You also need to know the amount of time that they expect you to speak. Would there be a separate session for questions and answers? What is the most effective way to share your contact information?

It would be helpful to find out who the previous speakers were. You may ask them about the speaking strategies that worked and the ones that did not. All these strategies are available on motivational-speaker-success.com.

3.Let your contact know about you’re A/V needs in advance. Request only for the things that are necessary. This is important to avoid last-minute rush.

Keynote speakerYou should always request for a microphone because it will help save your voice while speaking. Ask them for wireless microphone, if possible. If you need internet connection (for your presentation), request for a direct connection to ensure a faster speed of the internet. Confirm your A/V needs the day before the event. If possible, try to contact the A/V person directly to make sure that your requests are already in place.

4.Keynote speakers must set aside enough time for travelling. Make sure to arrive at your destination at least 5 hours before the scheduled time, especially if you’ve never been there before. If you are traveling by plane, pick a flight that has one available flight after the one you’re booked at.

Some things that you need to consider before travelling:

• Is there any construction going on along your route?
• When is the rush hour in that area?
• Do you know the entrance and exit of the parking lot?
• How far is the entrance doors from the meeting area (conference room, stadium, function hall, etc.)?

Upon Arrival

Once you arrived at the venue, give yourself a few minutes to relax. It would be great if you can take a nap. Taking a rest will help you recharge your mind and body. It will give you back the energy that you lost while traveling. Then, review your speech outline and presentation. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you when you are about to step into the stage. Usually, the organizer will provide water right away but you may request for one in case they forget.

Keynote speakers must take time to meet and greet everybody (as suggested in tip#1) so that they will feel more comfortable when they start speaking in front of the crowd.

Author Bio:
speaker Keynote Speaker provides an inspiring and uplifting program usually built around powerful stories, often personal experiences of the speaker. Many institutions also prefer hiring keynote speakers during their own company provided seminars, conventions or even team building activities.

What to Do After Cremation: 15 Interesting Ways to Immortalize Cremated Remains

funeralCremation has been on the rise in the past few years. Whether it is a result of increased acceptance by religions or simply because it is less expensive than burial, the fact remains that it is now, more than ever, an option many people consider acceptable, even preferable. However, cremation does pose a question that burial does not: what should one do with the remaining ashes?

If burial or scattering seems just a bit too conventional and mainstream, here are a few more interesting options for immortalizing cremated remains:

1.In a Columbarium

A columbarium is a building that houses cremated remains, basically an equivalent of a mausoleum. It is a perfect place to house an urn, giving family and friends the freedom to visit at their leisure.

2.Inside an Hourglass

A potent metaphor for the transience of life, an hourglass is a great option. As a decorative piece, it can blend seamlessly into a room but also serve as a poignant memento to the time spent with a loved one.

3.Nourishment to a Tree

Whether it is out of environmental consciousness or simply a love of trees, this is a lovely idea. Use ashes as nourishment for a sapling and give life to another living being, even after death.

4.Stuffed into a Teddy Bear

Cuddlers can have a portion of a loved one’s remains placed inside a huggable stuffed animal. This is perfect for a cute and adorable memorial.

5.Made into Pencils

To be a writer or artist is a frustrated dream of many people, but here is a way to be a part of that, even after death: after cremation, get remains mixed into the lead of pencils and scribble on.

6.Afloat Helium Balloons

This is an inventive way to scatter the ashes left behind by cremation. Balloons can travel up to 5 miles up into the atmosphere before they burst, scattering ashes into the sky.

7.Mixed in a Portrait

A portrait is a great way to keep the memory of someone alive. Ashes are mixed into paints and used to create masterpieces – a little piece of immortality for those who leave and are left behind.

8.Made Into Stained Glass

One of the more subtle options on this list, a stained glass piece is the choice for those who want a striking and enduring memento, with a permanence that only a few choices have.

9.Pressed into Vinyl

Music lovers rejoice! Ashes can be pressed into a vinyl record with customized artwork and music. It is even possible to leave a short message. What better keepsake than a piece of one’s personality to leave behind.

10.Put in Bullets

Hunting aficionados or those who are a bit more “hardcore” will find this option irresistible. One would be hard-pressed to find a token more memorable than a box of ammo.

11.Mixed into a Tattoo

This gives a new meaning to the lyric “I’ve got you under my skin.” Cremated remains are mixed into tattoo inks and imprinted into the body where they stay forever. It would be hard to find an option more personal than this.

12.Made into Fireworks

This is going out with a bang, literally. Scatter ashes in a dazzling show of light and give mourners that final spark of joy as they celebrate the life of the dearly departed.

13.As Diamonds

Life is short, but diamonds are forever, they say. For those who want something a bit more posh, all it takes is a cupful of ashes to create.

14.Amidst a Coral Reef

Help rebuild the coral reefs of the world! Ashes are mixed with ceramic structures for coral reefs to latch on to. Conserve the environment and help out, even after death.

15.In a Space Exploration

For those with frustrated dreams as astronauts, this is the way to go. Choose between a short trip into orbit and then back to Earth or an endless space exploration into the great beyond.

The Different Styles of Golf Shoes

To some, it may be surprising, but others are probably aware that golf shoes come in different styles. This article aims to guide you through the different available types to help you choose one that will work best for you and suits your taste and needs in footwear.

The Ancestors

The first golf shoes were made of white leather and decorated with a characteristic fringe on the upper side. Almost all shoes back then followed this design, and there weren’t much differences to be noted among them (aside from shoe size, probably). Today, however, there is a wide variety in material, style, and support than will be able to cater to even the finickiest of golfers.

Traditional Golf Saddle Shoe

These classic shoes are similar to their predecessor in overall appearance. They have a similar look to the teenagers’ saddle shoes in the 1950’s and are made of leather. They usually have white as the dominant color, with a little black or brown hued “saddle” covering the arch of the upper shoe. Golf saddle shoes have narrow toes and low heels. Most golfers don’t like this style because, to them, it looks and feels outdated. This is why most manufacturers have started to design modern-looking shoes. However, golf saddle shoes are still popular among some players, and they believe that these shoes boost their performance.

Golf Street Shoes

Most beginners and casual golfers prefer informal-looking shoes. Golf street shoes look pretty similar to sneakers; in fact, they resemble sneakers more than traditional golf saddle shoes! Some golfers also find them more comfortable. These shoes offer a degree of support, but are not as stiff as – and have no heel like – traditional golf saddle shoes. Golf street shoes are usually made of leather and are waterproof.

Golf shoesOne of the quickly growing golf street shoes brands is Kikkor golf shoes, which was created by professional golfer James Lepp in 2005. He created these shoes with younger players in mind. These shoes provide the essential traction and support, but also highlight the importance of style and fashion. Many golfers – professional and amateur alike – find themselves drawn to this shoe style because of its personality.

Golf Sandals

Golf sandals are intended for casual players and those who feel that wearing closed shoes during the hot spring and summer months is uncomfortable. This footwear is designed to provide both traction (using plastic spikes) for good golf swings, and offers a lot of chances for the feet to breathe. However, foot support during swinging is minimal, which is why most serious golfers opt to bypass golf sandals. This is still a good option to consider, though, for casual golfers who’d like to hit some balls in the summer heat.

Golf Shoes for the Ladies

Golf was once considered as a gentleman’s sport, but there is an increasing population of females joining in on the fun. As such, equipment catered to women has started to crop up. In most cases, the same shoes offered to men are simply converted to women’s sizes and have brighter and more adventurous colors that appeal to the women’s experimental nature with regards to fashion.

Some brands, like Tip Toe Tee, include a few quirks for the ladies. Their shoes are slip-on, with a magnetic strap, and a low wedge heel, which make them stand out from other footwear. Although this particular style is a bit “high” for casual players (around $130 per pair), they’re still an interesting choice for more serious players out there.

Now that you know the differences among the styles of golf shoes, you’re probably anxious to go out, see them, and try them out for yourself. Enjoy!

ID lanyards – the cheap solution to an expensive problem

It is a fact of life: losing things can get expensive. There are two types of things that, when lost, are incredibly expensive to replace, and can mess up someone’s daily life for a bit. Anyone who has lost keys or an ID already knows how much of a headache, and a wallet-ache as well, this can be. Fortunately, there is a solution to both of these problems. The solution is one single little item, and what is even better is that it is a cheap item: the ID lanyard.

ID LanyardsWhat happens when you lose your keys? Of course, it depends on what keys you actually lose. If you lose a car key, you may or may not have a spare. If you have a spare, you will be a little luckier, but if not, you will have to find a replacement from your dealership or a company. This may take a while and will probably cost an arm and a leg. Of course, making a replacement house or work key will not be incredibly expensive, but changing the locks to the building can get quite expensive, and you may want to do that in case someone gets their hands on the keys that you lose. Nobody likes paying for this expensive misfortune. It also takes a bit to get locks changed on a building because someone will have to come do it.

So what about an ID? Once again, it depends on the type of ID that you lose. If you lose an ID that is for a college or workplace, it may only take you about $20 or so to replace, depending on the place. A driver’s license will be about the same. Sometimes, though, losing a special form of identification can cost multiple times this amount, which can hurt the wallet quite a bit. Replacing an ID can take a few days as well, which is a huge inconvenience if you need your ID on a daily basis.

That is where the ID lanyard comes in. An ID lanyard is a keychain that is meant to be worn around the neck. It has a long piece of colored or decorated fabric that is worn like a long, comfortable necklace. The keys attach to the end. Right where the keys attach, there is a card holder where an ID card of some sort can be stored. The lanyard and card holder comes in many different colors and patterns so anyone can find one that they like to store their keys and ID cards.

These items only cost a little bit – sometimes about half the price it would cost you to replace one of the cheaper to replace IDs. If that is the case, it is no wonder that these items have become so popular. They keep your keys and your ID cards right on you so that you won’t lose them and can always find them easily. You will always know where they are because they will be right around your neck.

If you know what it is like to lose your ID card or your keys, you know what a hassle this can be – for your life and for your wallet. You will be out of that particular item and probably have to dish out quite a bit of money in order to pay for the loss that you have experienced. Fortunately, there are items that can hold your keys and ID around your neck so you won’t lose them. That is a very good thing when you don’t want to lose these incredibly important items. Simply put, ID lanyards are a cheap solution to a very expensive problem.

The Tradition of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, though still quite unknown to majority of civilians, are part of a proud military tradition that dates back to Imperial Rome. In the days of the mighty empire, Roman legionnaires were bestowed honorary coins bearing their legion insignia as a reward for valor during battle. There were also stories that surfaced on the use of coins during World War I and World War II. Korean War and Vietnam War soldiers also used challenge coins.

This proud military tradition, like any other traditions of the military, exemplifies the pride, honor and legacy of a soldier. The long-standing tradition of carrying challenge coins continues even to the present day. This involves the carrying of a specially-marked or minted coin which contains significant symbols and mottos of the unit to which he belongs. The symbol or insignia of the unit is especially important for each member because it stands for the bonds formed in battles far from the shores of home. Today, almost all military troops from every branch of service carry challenge coins. Marines, airmen, sailors, infantry units and elite forces all carry them. Other professions also borrowed these traditions, and now even firefighters, police officers, and lawyers carry them. These coins serve as identification for the bearer, and distinguish him as a proud member of a unit. It is important to note that these particular coins have no particular monetary value and cannot be exchanged as currency. First of all, a challenge coin doesn’t look like a regular coin. It is usually larger and it comes in any color or shape. Some coins are star-shaped. There are also those shaped like ships or even crowns.

challenge coinsHow is a challenge coin traditionally used? When members of a certain unit gather together, they challenge each other by asking the members to produce their coins. If one member fails to produce his coin, he pays for the entire group’s drinks. If all brought their coins, everyone is challenged to slam the coins onto the bar. The last person to produce the coin pays a penalty. There are many terms used for this challenge. Some people call it “coin check” while others call it “coining”. This tradition has been enforced in almost all military units.

There are many stories on how this tradition started. Stories being circulated seem to indicate that among the earliest coins issued were commissioned by Colonel “Buffalo Bill” Quinn of the 17th Infantry Regiment. The symbol on the coin is a buffalo, as a nod to the Colonel’s nickname, and the insignia of the regiment is placed on the other side. So that his men could easily wear it around their necks, a hole was drilled on top of the coin and a string was looped on top of it. The challenge caught on up to the Vietnam War, where the Army’s 10th Special Forces Group had special coins minted with the unit’s insignia on them.

These days, the military still use challenge coins, but it is done in a much more subtle manner. Coins are still bestowed upon soldiers as mementos or tokens for displaying bravery or exemplary service during a military operation. Officers also exchange these coins, using them like business cards or even tokens that they can add to their collection. They are usually exchanged during a handshake. The coin giver places the coin on his palm and reaches out to shake the hand of the intended recipient. Some coins are also used for fund-raising events, and sold as a commemorative memento to civilians.

Simply put, the challenge coin tradition has not been merely passed on – it has evolved throughout the years and will continue to change through time.

The Anatomy of Effective Signage Using Digital Signage Software

The opportunities within the usage of digital signage are massive. Digital signage is one of the fastest growing audiovisual technology used in advertising, and it has enabled new marketing opportunities and expansions over the recent years. The unique applications of digital signage allow increase in revenue in many business institutions. Because of its wider audience reach, the use of this marketing strategy extends to a broad range of clients such as in educational institutions, hospitals, and government agencies.

digitalTo fully maximize the capability of this new technology, one must understand the interconnected parts that comprise a digital signage. Because aside from the digital signage software, there are a lot more elements needed to produce this complex advertising space. Most companies only look at the end product that digital signage can bring to their company, but to be successful with the use of this space, they must expand their comprehension in the different areas of digital signage production. This includes, the (1) software, (2) hardware, (3) content, (4) connectivity, (5) design, and (6) operations.

1.Software. One of the most important considerations in producing the signage is the software where the output will be created. There are tons of digital signage software providers available everywhere and what the companies must really be careful of is choosing the software that can perfectly deliver their messages. Every software has their own advantages and disadvantages, so companies must be aware of the feature they should be looking in a software provider.

2.Hardware. Just like most technologies today, digital signage requires many hardware to operate. This includes LCD displays, mounts, cables, connectors, amplifiers, and computers where the software are installed. A lot of manufacturers distribute high quality hardware for producing digital signage, so there wouldn’t really be a big trouble in finding the necessary equipment to install a digital signage.

3.Content. Content is produced via the digital signage software and is the main reason why the signage exists. Companies need good contents to promote their causes and to do this; they will need creative texts and images for a message to be conveyed more effectively.

4.Connection. The connection that will help the advertisement transfer from one source to another is a huge factor in the success of a promotional delivery. Companies must consider if they will use the internet or a cloud network so they will know how fast their advertisement will reach their target audience. Most of the digital signage today uses wired systems but an internet-powered digital signage is more capable of reaching more locations.

5.System design. The overall blueprint design of the system serve as the backbone of any digital signage project. It must depend on the environment and resources of the company and the locations where the signage will be placed. A good plan is key to a good installation and execution. The success of both hardware and software components depend on how it is laid out in the overall system design.

Digital-Software6.Operation. After the plan is laid out and all the contents were already finished designing using the digital signage software, it is now time to operate the system. This part of the process involves the actual installation and maintenance of the design signage, thus the longest phase in every design signage project.

Each and every elements mentioned above contribute to the success of a business brand awareness campaign. In one way or another, it will affect the revenue of the company which is why producing the perfect digital signage shall not be neglected. A digital signage project must be able to meet the company’s objectives, increase their sales, and disseminate proper and updated information. There shouldn’t be any points to be missed so facilitation must be well taken care off by an expert.